Now that you know how to identify different types of pine, let’s talk about using it. Pine has SO many uses! It’s something you can harvest year-round and has such a wonderful flavor. ?

Pine can boost mood, combat depression and stimulate the immune system through its stimulating volatile oils. This can be achieved through direct interaction with coniferous trees (hikes, forest bathing, bird watching in the forest, camping, etc.) as well as inhalation through steam, making a pine-needle tea and taking deep breaths, bath, hydrosol body and room sprays or diffusing the essential oil).

Pine is also great for oral care. The astringency in a pine needle infusion mouthwash can help to heal receding gums, abscesses and gingivitis.

Pine can be used as a mild diuretic (one of the volatile oil elimination pathways is through the urinary system).

Pine sap is a great antiseptic and vulnerary. You can use the sap directly on a wound if you happen to be out in the forest, or take it home and use it to make a healing salve!

A couple more ways to incorporate pine into your life:

isolated image of pine needles and an amber glass vial