I’m always on the lookout for a practical herb book I can recommend to beginning herbalists, but I especially like them if I think there are gems in there that even advanced herbalists will benefit from and Healing Herbal Infusions is no exception.

Achievable Recipes

Colleen Codekas has created a book filled with wonderful recipes that are actually achievable by most people using easy-to-find herbs. Seriously, I’ve read some books with recipes that call for herbs that only grow in the tropics or are only carried at Specialty shops. Most of those recipes go untested and the book gathers the proverbial dust. That will not happen to Healing Herbal Infusions, at least not in my house!


Few Ingredients

Additionally, I really appreciate about the recipes she provides is that most of them require very few ingredients versus other recipes that can contain upwards of 8 ingredients. I would say her recipes average about 5 ingredients and this includes items like water, vinegar or oil. Again, she really works hard to make it super easy for home herbalists to make the recipes and feel successful.

What Infusions are Included

To be clear, Healing Herbal Infusions is not an herbal tea (tisane) recipe book; it is a very complete manual of how to prepare a large variety of herbal infusions:

  • Medicinal Teas, Overnight Infusions, Decoctions
  • Alcohol Infusions
  • Vinegar Infusions
  • Honey & Glycerite Infusions
  • Oil Infusions
  • Salves, Balms & Butters

Furthermore, Colleen has organized all the recipes according to theme, making it super easy to learn herbal actions without memorizing lists. Take a look at the Table of Contents:

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Would I recommend it?

Finally, as an herbal educator, I do not want my students to waste their money on a book that will sit around and not be used. I can wholeheartedly say that Healing Herbal Infusions is one book I will be recommending!

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