Calendula’s main claim to fame is probably its amazing ability to help prevent infection and speed healing of wounds – including deeper lacerations and less injurious cuts and scrapes. This is definitely an herb you want to have around and in a topical first aid kit!

Calendula is a popular salve and cream ingredient because it decreases the inflammation of sprains, stings, varicose veins and other swellings, plus it soothes burns, sunburn, rashes and skin irritations. Using a hydrosol on burns is wonderfully soothing and effective.

Laboratory studies show calendula kills bacteria and fungus such as ringworm and athlete’s foot, yet it’s gentle enough to be applied as a tea to thrush in children’s mouths. Leslie Tierra has also used it successfully to relieve itching and irritation in cases of chickenpox.

Calendula is not generally found in the wild, unless some rogue gardener planted it, 🙂 so we’ll talk about how to cultivate it later this week.

Until then,
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