One of the reasons I love garlic is its accessible almost worldwide. Garlic is a powerful herbal ally, as well as an easy-to-find addition to your diet and lifestyle.

Of course, you’ll likely have garlic breath, but just think of all the wonderful cleansing properties that are enveloping your respiratory system! Besides, the cure for garlic breath is to feed garlic to everyone around you. Tada! Now no one smells garlic on you, because everyone smells like garlic! ?

We have garlic growing in several of our gardens:

  • herb garden
  • forest garden
  • annual/perennial garden
  • annual vegetable and herb garden

It adds beauty, medicinal value, edible bulbs and scapes, plus it makes a great companion plant!

Before planting garlic, choose your bulbs. We use hard necked garlic because it grows best in our area. Create a weed-free area with good soil. Consider adding some compost to the soil to fertilize the bulbs. Garlic is best planted in the fall, about 4 to 6 weeks before ground begins to freeze. Break the fresh bulb up without damaging the base of the clove or the papery coat. Plant larger cloves 3-4″ deep and about 8″ apart, pointed end up. Cover the soil with 4-6″ compost and/or mulch and water well.

Garlic is easy to grow. I hope you consider adding this amazing plant to your garden this year!

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close up of garlic growing in a garden