Let’s talk about cultivating mullein, aka Verbascum thapsus.

These guys are going to start popping up soon here in North Idaho (once the snow decides to leave). All during the growing year in most countries in the world you will find mullein along roadsides, railroad tracks, open fields and construction sites.

I have several mullein plants growing in my herb garden, but I didn’t plant any of them. Mullein does really well where there’s full sun and poor soil, so if you want to try to grow it, pick a spot in your garden that isn’t particularly wet and has full sun exposure.

You can scatter seeds in late fall or early spring. Germination takes around 2 weeks, but if you want to do it in the fall, that will inhibit the growth until spring. If plants are growing too close together (closer than a foot or so) then pull a few out. If they clump too much, they don’t grow to their full potential, and you won’t have many leaves to harvest!

Flowers are a little tricky, because they bloom at different times. It’s so fun to step into the garden in the morning and see 2 or 3 new little flowers! I simply store the flowers I pick each day in a jar, and keep it in the refrigerator. Once my jar is full I pour the oil over… simple! ??


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close up of the yellow flowering stalk of a 2nd year mullein plant