Trifolium pratense AKA red clover is a great plant to add to your garden, especially if you’d like to improve the soil. It’s a great ground cover that replenishes nitrogen in the soil and is just plain beautiful. (And maybe you’ll find a lucky “4-leafer”!)


Cultivating is so simple. It’s right up on my list of easy-to-grow herbs next to lemon balm – though I’m not sure anything is easier than lemon balm.

Stratify your seeds for several weeks before sowing directly outside in the spring or summer (depending on your climate).

Red clover likes full sun or partial shade and doesn’t have any special soil requirement. Again, clover helps repair soil!

We just toss the seed over an area that we want to plant out, kind of like what you would do to plant a lawn. Germination should occur in 7-10 days. Clover has a 75% germination rate, which is pretty great.

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