A beloved staple in India, “chai” is actually just the Hindi word for tea, so saying “chai tea” is (apparently) a bit redundant. Traditional masala chai, aka spiced chai, is brewed using various warming spices, and is often infused with black tea leaves for a more robust flavor. As my fellow chai lovers will attest, it’s total comfort in a cup!

Our herbal chai blend is based on dandelion root. You may recall from our herbal coffee videos, that dandelion root is full of the prebiotic soluble fiber inulin, and is a powerful liver tonic with a myriad of other health benefits. Combined with traditional chai spices such as cardamomginger and cinnamon, this delicious and invigorating beverage is helpful for everything from aiding digestion to immune system support. Keep reading to learn how to brew our take on this aromatic, spicy beverage that simultaneously soothes and awakens the senses ??


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overhead shot of a mug of dandelion chai tea with cinnamon sticks and strewn dandelion flowers on a wooden cutting board