This is a super easy herbal honey recipe that is great for an after-dinner treat. Just top a piece of toast or cracker with this honey to help with digestion. (note: this is technically called an electuary because you are putting dried herbs into honey and leaving it there)

Here are a few other herbal honey ideas:

  • rosemary
  • ginger & cinnamon
  • rose hips & orange peel
  • lavender & lemon balm
  • garlic honey (great to use in a hot beverage with fresh squeezed lemon juice when battling illness)

When I make herbal honey I like to make a little at a time so we are sure to use it. If you use a lot of honey at your house, you may want to double or triple the recipe!  Watch on YouTube – Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell. Stay tuned… we upload every Friday! ??