Elderflower, Sambucus spp.

closeup of elder flower, elderflower, Sambucus spp., on an elder bush

Besides its well-known medicinal value, elderflower can be used to make jelly, wine, syrup, liqueur and tea. It has a delicately sweet flavor and the flowers make wonderful fritters!


Fennel, Foeniculum vulgare

soft focus closeup of yellow flowering fennel, Foeniculum vulgare

The bright yellow fennel flowers have a mild anise flavor, which makes it a tasty addition to any salad, dessert or cold soup. You can also use it to dress up a dish to add a little splash of color and flavor surprise!


Fuchsia, Fuchsia spp.

closeup of bright pink and purple fuchsia, Fuchsia spp. blossoms

All fuchsia flowers and berries are edible. They have a uniquely tart and lemon-fresh flavor. Use the petals in salad, as a beautiful garnish, or freeze them in ice cubes to use as a pretty addition to punch or iced drinks ??


Edible flowers of elderflower, fennel and fuchsia used in cooking dishes