Lavender, Lavendula spp.

rows of purple lavender, Lavendula spp., fields

Lavender may be one of the most commonly known edible flowers. Its aromatic properties are incredibly calming and most people enjoy the scent. Lavender is a marvelous addition to almost anything. Just remove the buds from the stem and add to your dish(es). One caveat – if you add too much, your dish will get a soapy taste; this is definitely a case of less is more. Infuse in honey or add to cookies, tea, meats (like lamb and pork), smoothies, shakes, ice cream and yogurts, cakes/cupcakes, rice and other grains. We also make a delicious lavender syrup that’s awesome in lemonade. Lavender is one of the essential ingredients in herbs de Provence along with fennel, savory, basil and thyme!


Lilac, Syringa vulgaris

clusters of purple lilacs, Syringa vulgaris, growing on a bush

One of my favorite things about spring is the lilacs in bloom and that incredible fragrance they release into the air! The taste of lilac is basically how it smells. You can use it to garnish a dish, (gorgeous!) make a refreshing tea, lilac syrup or try it on ice cream or yogurt.


Mint, Mentha spp.

field of flowering mint, Mentha spp.

There are many mint species – some with milder minty flavors others that are quite bold. The flowers have a similar taste to the leaves, but not quite as pungent. Taste the flower of whatever mint plant you chose to see how it can best be utilized. Mint blossoms are delicious in meat dishes, rice, salads, sprinkled on ice cream or frozen yogurt or candied for a minty after-dinner treat (we do this with the leaves too, yum! ?)


Mustard, Brassica spp.

closeup of a flowering mustard plant, Brassica spp.

These little flowers are chock full of flavor. They can have a somewhat bitter and spicy bite to them, so if you aren’t used to that flavor, start out slow… I love walking around our homestead just picking and eating the flowers. The leaves are edible as well, but we’re talking about flowers right now 🙂

Edible flowers of lavender, lilac, mint and mustard used in cooking dishes