If you’re on Facebook, you won’t want to miss our upcoming lives. We are dedicating the month of March to the herb ginger. Each preparation we make will contain ginger as a component.

Do you love ginger as much as we do?

The Lineup

  • March 5th, 6:30 pm PDT – Make your own ginger bug (use to make ginger beer and next week’s preparation, lacto-fermented root beer!)
  • March 13th, 6:30 pm PDT – Lacto-fermented root beer
  • March 19th, 6:30 pm PDT – London Proper (starring bitters and ginger simple syrup)
  • March 26th, 10 am PDT – Ginger Ale

What you’ll need if you want to make the preparations along with us:




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ginger root arranged in the shape of a heart on a dark, wooden background