Now that autumn is in full swing and trees are turning their vibrant colors, my mind begins to turn toward the vegetables this season offers, pumpkin being one of my favorite. Soups and stews become staples during this time of year at my house and that usually lasts until spring begins to push her way into our lives. This pumpkin soup recipe from D’ao Labs offers the sweetness of the pumpkin paired with some kick that will bring warmth to your digestion and keep things moving even as the cold begins to set in.

This is VERY similar to a soup I’ve made for years so I figured I would share it since it’s so similar. I usually top it with cilantro or basil, but that’s not necessary. Pumpkin can be quite filling, and honestly this soup makes a wonderful, full meal if you pair it with a fresh green salad with a vinegar/oil/herb salad dressing.