Building a first aid kit for your home and travel is super important. I know we don’t like to think about anything bad happening, but it’s better to think ahead and prepare than to not have the things you need when an accident happens!

So what should be in a first aid kit? Anything you think you’ll need!

If you have someone in the family with severe allergies requiring an EpiPen, then by all means have one in your car, one in your purse and one in your home and make sure everyone knows where it is.

Sometimes Benadryl will do the trick if the allergies are reactive, but not so severe that they’ll close off airways in a moment. Take that into consideration. Benadryl has been a life-saver for us, literally. Our youngest is allergic to certain fresh berries, but boy does he love them. Twice now, we’ve seen him swelling, turning red and bumpy – and been able to avoid a trip to the ER by administering Benadryl.

Items to consider

Here is a list of items to consider keeping in your first aid kit:

Some possible herbs, flower essences and essential oils

  • bleeding powder made of powdered yarrow and/or horsetail
  • skin soothing salve made from plantain and calendula is great for bites/stings and minor skin irritations
  • catnip, lemon balm or passionflower tincture or glycerite for anxiety and stress
  • if you like flower essences, you can bring along some rescue remedy
  • ear soothing oil made from mullein flowers and/or garlic
  • echinacea and prickly ash tincture is great for the onset of a cold
  • sunburn relief oil, salve or cream – St. John’s wort is a great herb for this, and is also helpful for nerve pain and sore muscles
  • homemade vapor rub

We are not avid users of essential oils, but we do like a few in particular:

  • Lavender is an incredible essential oil for relieving stress; we simply open the bottle and inhale. It’s also useful on burns to help heal them quicker and relieve pain.
  • Peppermint is our go-to for sore muscles, headaches and inhaling to relieve nausea as well as get a little boost of energy
  • Lastly, clove is great in the case of toothache. Add a drop to a tiny bit of carrier oil and apply directly to the sore.

Do you keep an herbal first aid kit? We’d love to see it!

fresh and dried herbs, mortar & pestle, salve, tincture and bandage