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If you’re a Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals student, you won’t want to miss the free webinar Tuesday morning at 10 am Pacific time. If you aren’t enrolled yet, simply follow the link and enroll in the free course.

This week, I’ll be answering a few questions submitted by students:


  • How to dose herbs for children?
  • How does the Herb-A-Month program work?
  • What are a few plants I can wildcraft in the spring?


Simply follow the link below to gain access to the webinar. And, if you have a question you’d like me to answer, you’ll find a submission form in the Free Webinars course.

Please understand that this is NOT the place for individual questions regarding personal health challenges. I’m happy to work with you privately to help you navigate your options and show you ways to naturally improve your vitality. If you’d like a private consultation, click HERE to set up a virtual appointment with me.

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