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Garlic is something we use everyday. Unlike many, I LOVE the taste AND smell of garlic. Once you’ve planted your garlic patch, all you need is a little patience and be ready to harvest when the time is right.

In the spring, you should start to see little green shoots popping up. As the scapes begin to form, remove them to keep the energy going down into the bulb. Use the scapes to add to salads, make hummus and dips or throw into soups and stews. They’re delicious and taste mildly garlic-y.

Your garlic is ready to harvest when the leaves start drooping or turning brown near the base. Check one bulb to make sure it’s large enough, but not to the point that the cloves are starting to separate.

You’ll need to properly cure the freshly harvested garlic by laying them out or hanging them to dry completely. If you don’t dry them completely, they will mold or rot, so don’t skip this step!

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close up of freshly harvested garlic bulbs, covered in dirt