Fall, winter and early spring bring opportunities for harvesting roots (as long as you don’t mind digging through the snow!)

The Basics

  • Make sure you’ve positively identified your plant and understand what you are looking for.
  • Always collect from clean areas, as plants absorb toxic materials into their roots and leaves.
  • Don’t be an “herb hog” taking every plant you see!
  • Clean up after yourself.

The How Tos

  • Dig around the root so you don’t chop the root. For most roots, you’ll have to move a few inches away from the stalk and go a little deeper than you think.
  • Once you pull the root out, fill in the hole.
  • Clean the root by using a vegetable brush and cool water.
  • Chop the root and allow it to fully dry.
  • Store in a clean jar with a lid, out of direct sunlight.