Right now, everyone is staying home and the kids might be getting a bit restless. Here is one fun, hands-on activity you can do with your children right now. They’ll have fun making it with you and playing with it afterwards. Just make sure they don’t eat it!

When making playdough, you’ll need to monitor and decide how much your child is able to do. This is a two step process, and it does require working over a stove. You’ll need to make the herbal infusion first, which will take a minimum of 2 hours, so allow time for that.

If you want to add texture (who doesn’t like that?) you could add in some herb after you put the playdough in the bowl and let the kids knead it in after it’s cooled down a little. Have fun!


Making the Herbal infusions

When making these infusions, you want the scent/color to be bold. So really let them steep, covered for a minimum of 2 hours.

  • chamomile – calming and will give a slight yellow tint
  • hibiscus – this won’t add any scent but it will add a nice reddish color
  • lavender flowers – calming and will give a purplish tint
  • rosemary – stimulates the brain and gives energy
  • mint – invigorating
  • lemon balm – calming and centering

For extra scent power, add a couple drops of essential oils. Orange or lemon would go great with the hibiscus!


close up of a child's hands molding a ball of homemade playdough