I know.

It’s only October and I’m already talking about Christmas. You know why?

Because when you want to make thoughtful, homemade herbal gifts you need to start early. You need to leave time for infusing oils, making tinctures and putting on the finishing touches on your homemade gifts before they’re ready to give.

We are a society of consumers, always looking to buy something quickly and easily and check that gift off our list. I’m going to challenge you to make this Christmas a little different by creating homemade gifts for the ones you love.

Our 2020 Herbal Gift Guide has been updated to include 20 herbal recipe ideas with detailed instructions on how to make a variety of herbal gifts. You can get your copy for $9 and get started creating your handmade gifts for the ones you love.

Why not make this the year you take time to show your family and friends how much they mean to you?

Here is what’s included in the PDF:

Beauty & Self Care

  • Sleepy Herbal Bath Salt
  • Toning & Anti-Aging Facial Steam
  • Antiseptic Expectorant Therapeutic Steam
  • Lip/Body Scrubs
  • Basic Lotion Recipe
  • Stress Relief Neck Pillow

Gift Jars for the Kitchen

  • Hot Cocoa with a Twist
  • Ranch Dip Mix
  • Christmas Inspired Fire Cider
  • Rest & Relax Formula
  • Dilly Dip Spice Mix
  • Herbal Bread Dip
  • Blend Chili Seasoning Mix
  • Herbal Tea Blend for the Heart
  • Elderberry Syrup
  • Elderberry Syrup Gummies


I’m also going to share another great gift you can add for the bearded men in your life: Forest Beard Balm

This balm smells heavenly, and I love it when my hubby uses it. His beard smells a little bit like Christmas 🙂

This preparation is a two step process so get started now!

First things first: we need to make an infused oil blend using a few masculine smelling herbs such as juniper and spruce. Don’t wait too long to make this, because the oil infusion needs some time before it will be ready for step 2!



If you waited too long to let the oil steep for 6 weeks, then you can use the warm oil infusion method, which will speed things up. I like to use the yogurt setting on my Instant Pot and allow the herbs to steep for about 8 hours. Don’t heat the oil up too high because you’ll cook the herbs rather than extract them!

I’ll share the rest of the recipe in November so you can complete the balm. I promise, it’s worth the wait! ??

I want the Herbal Christmas Gifts PDF for $9