My goal in working with you is to discover some of your limiting beliefs & mental blocks that are keeping you trapped and feeling out of control. You need to become conscious of your beliefs and claim the power you have to create the body and life you want. You are not a product of your life, but rather it is the product of your thoughts. My aim is to help you find your ideal, healthy, & joyful you – inside and out. We will work together to uncover the negative thoughts that are keeping you from loving yourself and loving your body. I will also evaluate your eating habits, triggers, and choices which will help guide me when formulating your personalized plan. My plan always includes nutrition, herbal allies to assist you in your transition, a proposed exercise schedule, lifestyle recommendations (including worksheets, journal prompts, visualization/imagination exercises, and goal setting) all sprinkled with lots of honesty, encouragement, acceptance & joy. Our individualized journey together is steered by:

  • Your personal needs & challenges
  • Your starting point (where you are right now)
  • Where you want to go

Changes are gradual, achievable, and enjoyable. I truly believe that feeding your spirit the right kind of thoughts & beliefs is just as important as feeding your body the right kind of food; so we will focus on both. You found me for a reason – don’t wait to get started because your time is now! Schedule your free 30 minute discovery call below.

Get ready to let go of your limiting beliefs, make changes inside and out, and see real breakthroughs!

NOTE: I take a limited number of clients so I can give them the best support throughout their transformation so don’t wait to secure your place.

Blessings of Health & Joy,

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