What is an herbal infusion?

“Herbal infusion” is a way to describe the use of water to extract the medicinal properties of an herb. The term “tea” is technically referring to an infusion made using the tea plant – Camellia sinensis, so when we say “herbal tea” it’s not technically correct. HOWEVER, I am not a nazi when it comes to this term. I understand what is meant by herbal tea and I use the word “tea” even when referring to an herbal infusion because people understand that terminology better than the use of the word infusion.

Also, there are other types of infusions – honey and oil are two examples. Usually when we are referring to infused oil we specifically refer to the oil. If someone says “herbal infusion” they mean an herbal water infusion.

How to make an infusion:

You can use either fresh or dry herbs – some herbs extract better… READ MORE