(fees do not include travel expenses or workshop supplies)

1 to 2-hour talks: $150 up to 30 people
3-hour workshop: $55 per student with a minimum of 6 students and max of 10

NOTE: My 3-hour workshops include an herbal remedy demonstration and hands-on remedy making for participants. Click here to find out what to bring.

If you would like a presentation on a custom topic, please CONTACT ME

Herbs for Kids

3-hour hands-on workshop

Introduction to natural medicine, the value of using botanicals for kids, herbal preparations kids will actually take, dosing for children and herbs and herbal products you should keep on hand. This workshop includes a couple of herbal remedy demonstrations plus participants will make their own kid-friendly and kid-approved Fire Cider. Max 10 students.
* please be sure to bring the required supplies to the workshop *

Weedy Herbal Allies

1-2 hour talk or 3-hour hands-on workshop

As the saying goes, “It’s only a weed if it grows where it isn’t wanted.” Why spray the weeds when we can eat them or use them as medicine? In this talk we’ll cover the most commonly found garden “pests” that most people spend hours attempting to exterminate from their gardens. I will cover historical and current uses, easy recipes in the kitchen, as well as provide samples of remedies, food and/or drinks. Attendees will leave with a new appreciation of the weedy wonders that grow around them. For the workshojp, we will venture outside to do some basic weed identification and make an easy preparation.

Gut Health & Herbal Bitters

Choose from a 1-hour talk or a 3-hour hands-on workshop

Explore the much-maligned and often forgotten world of herbal bitters. In our society, the bitter element in food and drink has taken a backseat to the more appreciated flavors like salty and sweet (thank you, processed food industry). In this talk, I will dive into the many benefits of bitters, including igniting digestion, balancing blood sugar, correcting a sluggish metabolism and reducing the toxic load. I will cover ways to incorporate bitters into your life easily, plus share samples and a few fun recipes. For the workshop, students will make their own herbal bitter combination with herbs I supply. Max 10 students.
* please be sure to bring the required supplies to the workshop *

Sharpening Your Mind with Botanicals

1-2 hour talk

Everyone knows that as we age our memory declines, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! Nature has provided a plethora of plants to aid the function of our mind.  I will unpack the important functions of the brain and introduce some of our most helpful herbal allies ready to assist us. Sample some remedies and learn ways to effortlessly incorporate these herbs into your daily life.

Cultivating Medicinal Herbs

2-hour talk

There are huge advantages to growing your own herbal remedies, and it need not be difficult or intimidating. My goal in this presentation is to introduce a variety of easy-to grow plants you will find invaluable for building your home apothecary. We will discuss historical uses, common remedies, ideal garden placement and specific growing conditions for each plant. I will also introduce some basic principles of permaculture, so you can grow the healthiest medicine garden possible. Sample remedies and recipes will be included.