I don’t know about you, but I love butter… errrr GOOD butter. Creamy, light yellow, sweet with a slight salty finish. YUM! I enjoy making my own butter but haven’t done that in a while – I’ve committed my time to other pursuits, sigh. Maybe I’ll make time again soon to whip up a batch of my own from some local, raw milk. With this recipe it doesn’t matter if you use high-quality store bought butter or make yours from scratch, it’s an enticingly tempting spread that is sure to delight your family and friends. Added bonus – it’s full of fragrant, health-building herbs.


Go out into your garden and harvest some chive blossoms and other herbs, peel a few cloves of garlic (can you ever have too much garlic) and bring your butter to room temperature. Now you’re ready to join us as we prepare our Herby Chive Blossom Butter! Check out the video on YouTube – don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell. Stay tuned… we upload every Friday!