Microbes are important for

  • gut health
  • proper digestion
  • healthy immune system
  • better brain function
  • more!

Some foods you can eat to increase the number of bacteria

  • green veggies
  • inulin found in
    • artichokes (globe and Jerusalem)
    • onions
    • garlic
    • leeks
    • legumes
  • polyphenols – the microbiota uses (rocket fuel) as energy sources and convert to other useful chemicals that are good for our gut… found in foods like:
    • coffee
    • peanuts
    • red wine
    • olive oil
    • dark chocolate

Some foods to add to your diet that can help increase the diversity of action in your microbiome:

  • full fat yogurt
  • kefir (5x more microbes than in yogurt)
  • kombucha (2-3x more microbes than kefir, plus fungi)

Avoid antibiotic use, eat a diverse diet of unprocessed foods with high fiber.