An oxymel is simply the blending of vinegar and honey to get the benefits of both of these menstruums — the sweet with the sour and the nutritives that are pulled out into the vinegar with the sugar that will help facilitate delivery to the cells.

There are two options for creating an oxymel:

  1. Mix the honey and vinegar with the herb
  2. Combine an herbal honey with an herbal vinegar


When you are using herbal honey and herbal vinegar, you can quickly and easily make an oxymel by blending them together 1/3 honey to 2/3 vinegar.

Some herbs to try:

  • oregano
  • elecampane
  • elderberry
  • elderflower
  • elderberry


There are tons of options when it comes to oxymels. I hope you try this (not so heard of) preparation!

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glass Grolsch style bottles containing colorful oxymels