Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is one of my favorite herbs. (Yes, I know we say that about all of them, lol, but yarrow is pretty special.)

Yarrow is such a fun herb to work with. She is a blood balancer meaning she can both stop bleeding as well as bring bleeding on (used in delayed periods).

She’s easily identified by her white, flat, composite flower heads and distinctive feather-like leaves. (yarrow is usually white, but can also come in shades of gold, pink and even red!) She’s found almost everywhere throughout the Northern Hemisphere, but if it doesn’t grow near you, it’s a pretty easy plant to cultivate.

Yarrow grows almost everywhere and not only shares her medicine with us, but grows in climates and locations that many other plants simply don’t prefer. As a matter of fact, if you baby yarrow too much, you will get a weaker, less potent plant.

Give her the right spot and you’ll benefit from the many gifts she offers. ??

Check out our YouTube video for more about this hardy perennial, plus a couple of ways you can use it!

close up of white yarrow flower head with green feathery leaves