We love making syrups to add to our carbonated water (thank you Soda Stream!) but you can’t beat an infused honey to spread on toast, add to tea or use as a flavored sweetener for carbonated water.

What are a few that we think are delicious?

  • rose petal infused honey
  • lavender infused honey
  • elderberry infused honey – fresh will infuse nicely, but make sure to remove all the stems and if you wash them, allow them to dry before using them to avoid introducing too much moisture; you can also use dried
  • ginger (fresh is best) infused honey
  • garlic (fresh is best) infused honey – people either love this or hate it, lol

Making infused honey is a cinch. Are you ready for the instructions?

  1. Grab a jar (we recommend starting with a small jar so you aren’t using a ton of honey; if you do small batches, you can make several flavors!)
  2. Fill the jar 1/3 full of berries or herbs, and pour the honey until it just covers the herbs/berries.
  3. Stir well
  4. Continue to add honey, stirring as you go, until about 1/2″ from the top
  5. Shake or stir 1 to 2 times a day over 2 weeks
  6. Strain and enjoy!

If your honey ferments, no worries! It’s still edible and good for you!

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closeup of white bowl of honey and fresh lavender next to a glass tea kettle and teacup.