Vinegar can be a great way to infuse the medicinal and nutritional constituents of an herb. The one caveat is if you are going for minerals, which vinegar is great at extracting, it will be difficult for you to get enough (unless you REALLY LOVE vinegar), so I recommend sticking to nourishing herbal infusions for mineral needs on a large scale. However, adding minerals to your vinegar is a delicious way to add extra nutrition to a salad dressing or vinegar drink.

Vinegar does a great job drawing out alkaloids and phenols contained in plants such as garlic, horseradish, lobelia, cayenne, elderberry and ginger. I hope this sounds familiar, since most of these we use to make Fire Cider! ?

Making an infused vinegar couldn’t be any easier. We always use raw apple cider vinegar because it has its own healing properties – even on its own.

Add your herbs to a jar and cover with ACV. Cap with a plastic lid and allow to steep 4-6 weeks. That’s it!