Continuing our Kitchen Heroes series, today I’m going to share a recipe for one of my favorite kitchen workhorses: homemade Shake-n-Bake.

I (Kim) keep a large jar of this stuff in my refrigerator at all times. It’s ridiculously versatile, and I use it often to jazz up sautéed vegetables, garnish casseroles, bread chicken, pork chops or fish. If you have an air fryer, this stuff works well as a breading to make “fried” chicken your kids will love.

avocado oil, shake-n-bake and Brussels sprouts
Yummy Herbal “Shake-n-Bake” Brussels sprouts from dinner last night!


Best of all, you can easily control what goes into the mix. I typically make this with organic panko bread crumbs and sprouted spelt flour, a high-quality parmesan, organic herbs and a mineral-rich salt. The result is much tastier and better for you than the store-bought product.

Feel free to play around with the spices and customize a blend that suits your family’s tastes.

Do you like it spicy? Try throwing in a little cayenne.

Want more of an Italian theme? Add some basil and oregano.

Need gluten free? They make some great gluten-free panko and gluten-free flours that should work well with this recipe.

I’m a firm believer that convenience foods do not have to be unhealthy. This make-ahead recipe is a lifesaver on busy nights when making a homemade and healthy dinner seems like an impossible dream. ???

close up of asparagus breaded with panko shake-n-bake