Ahhh Lemon Balm!

When I walk through my herb garden, I’m greeted by this “gladdening herb” at almost every step. She likes to spread out and make her presence known amongst her fellow herbs.

And what a delicious “tea” is made with the leaves. Lemon balm is strongest and most flavorful when you use dried rather than fresh herbs. Although in the summer, throwing a handful of fresh stems and leaves into water and letting it steep in the sun makes a wonderfully refreshing drink.

Linde has used its anti-viral properties to treat her cold sores, and we love it to ease stomach cramping, relax the mind and calm the nervous system.

It’s an incredibly easy herb to grow – just be careful, because she likes to spread and take over entire areas!

Do you enjoy lemon balm? How do you like to use it? ??