Chai tea is so warm and cozy. It is the perfect cup of tea to enjoy after a few hours in the snow. It invites you to inhale it’s goodness, wrap your hands around the mug, and drink in its stimulating spices. Making a cup of chai fills your kitchen and home with the aromas that are so familiar during this time of year – cinnamon, cloves, ginger, anise ahhhhhhh so good!

This recipe can be doubled or even tripled if you want to make some in advance. You could try making a double batch and freezing it in cubes to defrost later or, if you’re going to consume it within 48 hours, just keep it in the refrigerator. Are you having friends for a game night or dinner? What a perfect beverage to share with them.

First I want to talk about a few benefits of some of the herbs we’ll be using

  • Cinnamon (I use Ceylon but you can use a different kind) – helps with insulin resistance, cold and flu, arthritis and is a great blood mover making it an amazing ally when you’re feeling chilled on a cold, winter day
  • Star Anise which brings that wonderful “licorice” taste that we are familiar with packs a powerful punch with actions such as antibacterial and antioxidant, it also helps regulate blood sugar and can help fight off a cold or flu
  • Black Pepper holds its own in this formula bringing in that spicy finish, it increases the bioavailability of the other herbs in the tea and will open up the pores allowing for detoxification through sweat (diaphoretic) which means its also very warming…I hope you’re noticing the trend 🙂
  • Ginger is a well known and well loved herb the world over. It is a common ingredient in many home-cooked meals and makes a delicious tea completely on its own. The warming pungent flavor soothes the stomach, contributes to the heating effect in the stomach and is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial (being one of the top antiviral herbs according to Stephen Buhner in “Herbal Antivirals

Alright so let’s get to this simple and delicious recipe! You can also watch on YouTube – Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell. Stay tuned… we upload every Sunday! ??