I know we just covered the subject of sleep yesterday, but this is so important! Yesterday’s post included a list of things you could do to help get better sleep. However, I felt this subject needed to be covered in greater detail. So, on my next weekly webinar for our Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism students, I’m going to talk about the consequences of sleep debt/deprivation.

What will I cover?

When someone has been sleep deprived for months or years, detrimental physiological consequences are evident. Unfortunately, the lack of sleep in these people doesn’t help them sleep more, but rather it becomes a chronic and long-term issue. I’m going to talk about a few things we can do personally, as well as recommend to others, to help them get circadian rhythms back on track. Topics will include:

  • physiological effects of sleep deprivation
  • physiological influences on sleep
  • routine for establishing healthy sleep
  • sleep debt therapeutics

How do you access the webinar?

If you are a Fundamentals student, log into the Fundamentals course, click on “webinars” and scroll to the bottom to open the webinar for January 14, 2020. The link to the webinar will be there. Don’t forget, it begins at 11 am Pacific time!