Though this post is about stress, this is really a series on building immunity. If you missed the one where I talked about how stress and immunity are related, go read that first.

So what are some ways you can decrease stress?

  • practice yoga
  • practice deep breathing
  • listen to music that relaxes you (You’ll know it’s relaxing because the music will make you want to sit and breathe; your heart rate will slow down, and you’ll feel like someone just gave you fresh air. Stay away from stimulating music when you need to relax.)



  • practice meditation
  • learn to be the observer, rather than the player in the situations you’re in (This will keep you from always responding and becoming whatever feeling is triggered in you – feelings don’t have to be your master!)
  • go for a walk at a casual pace
  • garden
  • forage and wildcraft
  • lay in the sun
  • go fishing or sit by a stream and listen to the water
  • spend time in the forest
  • laugh and smile often
  • limit news consumption to one time a day, preferably later in the morning after you’ve meditated and relaxed (NOT before bed)
  • choose to limit social media; post positive things or nothing at all

Herbs that can help

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close up photo of a glass teacup containing fresh chamomile tea