Avena sativa

The milky oat seeds are collected when the seeds of the oat are still green and in the “milky” stage. When you squeeze the seed you’ll see that milky liquid. This is usually tinctured fresh.

Avena sativa is an extremely helpful herb for nourishing the nervous system, especially in cases of nervous exhaustion. This is called a nerve trophorestorative.

Avena will not give an overtly sedative effect, but will act on the nervous system to repair, nourish and promote relaxation. This can help to improve sleep patterns and increase feelings of calm.

Note that oat straw is NOT the same thing as milky oat seeds. While oat straw is a wonderful herb high in minerals, it doesn’t act on the nervous system as a trophorestorative. However, it is very high in several minerals including magnesium, which can have a calming effect if someone is low on minerals (many people are).

Milky oat seed is generally safe to use as a tonic.

This is not medical advice, it is for educational purposes only.

soft focus shot of green milky oat pods in a field