Let’s Work with Stinging Nettle

It’s always fun to find new ways to bring herbs into the kitchen. Honestly there’s no better way to get them into our bodies than through food! Pesto is a super simple recipe that allows for so much flexibility. Don’t have access to nettles? Use dandelion leaves or basil. Don’t have pine nuts? You can replace them with toasted (or soaked and dried) almonds or walnuts. If you do have access to nettle then don your gloves and get gathering!

We love to add pesto to pasta, serve it on crackers or toasted bread, stir it into some steamed veggies, add it to mashed potatoes or use it as an ingredient in salad dressing. Get creative and don’t be afraid of making mistakes – it’s only food after all. ?

Keep reading for the recipe, or watch on YouTube!

About Nettles

Nettles are high in magnesium, calcium, potassium, protein, silicon, thiamine, vitamins A, C and zinc. They’re considered a blood tonic, nutritive and a diuretic (meaning they will make you pee).

Toning & Tightening Herbal Bath Blend:

recipe for a toning & tightening herbal bath blend

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fresh nettles on a wood cutting board with a knife and wooden bowl of pesto