Our next mini-series will delve into the world of pain management.

Did you know that pain is the #1 reason given for missed work days? Chronic pain has the ability to change a person’s entire outlook on life.

It causes a person to be limited in his/her activities, affects sleep and may impact independence, resulting in feelings of isolation from the outside world.

Severe chronic pain can even lead to depression and hopelessness.

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, this series is designed to give you some ideas and information to study more deeply. It is not a personalized plan. If you’d like personal help with a chronic condition, make an appointment with me.

One important thing to remember, is nothing acts in isolation. What we eat, our relationships, our internal dialogue and our lifestyle choices all contribute to our well being and ease. Even if your pain is from an injury, there are usually things you can do to decrease your pain and increase your mobility if you’re willing to do the hard work.

What I will discuss

  • What is pain there for?
  • How is pain registered in the body?
  • Physical modalities to help with pain management
  • Is there a diet that can help decrease pain?
  • Do you need extra support through supplementation?
  • What are some herbal allies?


Pain management is one of the units covered in our Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism Program, check it out today

blonde woman wearing a white tank top with neck and back pain