Finishing up

Here we are at the end of our 7-part series on pain management. The focus has been on chronic pain, but many of these techniques and remedies are extremely useful in cases of acute pain. Pulled muscles, tension, headaches, lower back pull, ligament injury or sprain/strain can all be addressed with the things I’ve talked about. Obviously, understanding the cause and severity of your pain is important before you start any kind of therapy.

Before we end this series, I’d like to talk about a few more helpful tips.


I’m not a huge advocate of relying on essential oils for holistic health. I am opposed to ingesting essential oils as is promoted through popular MLM companies selling EOs. A very effective way of drawing out the volatile oil constituents of an herb in a more holistic way that gives a more well-rounded phytochemical profile (and uses FAR less plant material) is making infused oils using the whole plant.

That said, I do use EOs in small amounts in some salves, balms, creams and lotions. I like using an herb-infused oil as the primary then adding hydrosols (if I’m making a cream/lotion) and a little essential oil.

Different essential oils are recommended depending on whether the pain is improved with heat or cold. If you use infused oil with a few drops of EO, you could rub that on the affected area and have less risk of skin irritation, especially if you’re using heating herbs with a warm pack.

Some cooling herbs/EOs

  • chamomile (anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic)
  • lavender (antispasmodic)
  • peppermint (analgesic for muscular pain, migraines, antispasmodic)
  • helichrysum (anti-inflammatory, great for bruises and swelling)

Some warming herbs/EOs

  • ginger (anti-inflammatory, analgesic)
  • black pepper (antispasmodic, analgesic)


Depending on your type of pain, exercise or physical therapy can be an integral part of pain management and recovery. Discuss options with your physician or physical therapist.

I hope you enjoyed this series. If you’re dealing with chronic pain and would like personalized guidance to reduce the severity or frequency, I am available for private consultations. I do not diagnose but rather give nutritional, lifestyle and herbal recommendations and work alongside you to find the best solution.

Monica Mitzel, nutritional consultant, herbalist, gut health specialist & life coach/mentor

black and white image of a woman in exercise clothing clutching her lower back in pain