Autumn is *just* around the corner, and the fall weather provides such a great excuse to make more soups. Not that you NEED an excuse really (bone-broth based soups are a staple in our household year ‘round!) but there’s just something about a cool, crisp evening that practically begs for hearty, comforting soups that really stick-to-your-ribs… don’t you agree??

In addition to the root veggies in this recipe, we’ve incorporated some wild yarrow leaves. Achillea millefolium has been used medicinally for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks used it for treating external wounds; fresh leaves were used to stop bleeding and even chewed to relieve toothaches. It’s also useful internally for gastrointestinal problems, fevers and for improving circulation. Yarrow is native to temperate areas of North America, Europe and Asia, so chances are, you’ve got some growing near you. For culinary use, though, it’s best to stick with the youngest leaves you can find (prior to flowering). They’ll be milder tasting and much less bitter than the mature leaves. Look for the distinctive feather-like leaves (millefolium = “thousand leaves”) and (usually) white composite flower heads that resemble little umbrellas.

Are you as excited as we are for sweater weather? What are your favorite cool-weather dinners?