The west is on fire.

Seriously. If you look at a map of all the fires currently burning in the west, it looks like there isn’t an area you can go to escape the effects of smoke inhalation. Some places are in the extreme toxic air level while others (like mine) are just in the “dangerous” zone. Either way, this is the ideal time to support your detoxification pathways. Remember the liver has to detoxify everything that comes into your body, whether it’s through the skin, inhalation or digestion. It’s also a good idea to drink a mucosal membrane-supporting infusion.


Marshmallow plant is an extremely mucilaginous plant. The root, in particular, is very moistening, but the flower and leaf can be used as well, they just aren’t as slimy. Because of the communication from the gut to the brain, when we moisten and support our gut mucosal linings, the brain signals other mucosal membranes to moisten up. Keeping our noses, throats, and lung tissue moist is extremely important. That moisture is what protects our tissues from damage from the smoke. You will want to use the cold infusion method when drawing out the mucilaginous properties, hot water will not draw it out.

Cold Infusion How To

Using a jar, suspend a bag of marshmallow root at the top and let sit at least 4 hours, optimally overnight. Squeeze the bag (you should see slimy material squeeze out). Drink throughout the day.

Support Your Liver

We wrote a blog post about supporting your liver a couple of weeks ago. Check it out and add a few of these tips to keep your liver working at optimum levels.

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