I’ve decided to start putting out a lesson plan for our Fundamentals students so they can make the progress they want to make and complete the program.

I know it can be intimidating, because you see so many lessons that need to be completed.

My advice: don’t look ahead, just worry about what you’re working on this week and be in the present moment.

One day at a time 🙂

Here’s the plan for week 1: If you’ve already completed this then you’re already ahead!

Session: Welcome

  1. Watch the welcome video (9 minutes)
  2. Read “About the Program”
  3. Read “Before you take quizzes and tests”
  4. Take the pre-course survey

    Session 1: Introductions

  5. Introduce yourself in the Fundamentals Community (link is in the lesson)
  6. Download and/or print student handbook for session 1 and put into a binder with tabs/subjects to make looking things up easier
  7. Listen to A&P Intro 1 (9 min) & 2 (10 minutes) downloading these audios and creating a playlist to which you can add all the lectures from the program as you go along makes for easy offline listening!


Thats it’s for week 1. I’ll post week 2 study plan next week.

As always, if you have questions, let us know!

Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism Program