Alright, so we’ve moved into week 2. I hope you were able to complete all the work for week 1 and are ready to dive into the next portion of the curriculum! This week will be a little heavier than last week. There are quite a few lectures; take notes as you go along, and remember, you’ll have them in a playlist to replay whenever you need to access them!

Add the weekly webinar to your calendar (Tuesdays at 11 am Pacific Time) and set a reminder, so you can attend.

Session 1: Introductions

1. Listen to

(remember to add audios to your playlist for offline listening)

  • Getting to Know an Herb (16 min)
  • Introduction to Solvents (29 min)
  • Holistic Health audios 1-5 (37 min total)

2. Watch

  • Herbal Preparations: Tools Needed (21 min)
  • Cultivating Herbs: Introduction & Principles (46 min total) – You can choose to listen to these as audios if you prefer.

3. Do

  • Learning Activity: “Anatomy or Physiology?”
  • Reading & Response: “What resonated most with you?” and “What are your plans?” Post your answers in the Fundamentals Community.
  • Personal Development Assignment: “What area of your life needs work” & “What steps will you take” – Post your answers in the Fundamentals Community.

4. Take the quiz

You can take it as many times as you need to pass (80% is passing). You can also use your notes if needed during the quiz. Taking the quiz will prepare you for the test.

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