Today I’d like to highlight a YouTube video I made! I cover how to make Tangy Tension Tamer Sun Tea using lemon balm, linden, hawthorn leaf and hibiscus. it’s so great for calming the nerves and it has a very refreshing, tangy flavor that’s perfect for summer.

Have you ever made sun tea? I have some fond memories of sipping iced sun tea on the back porch when I was a kid. It was a special treat on a warm summer afternoon.

Solar infused teas harness the warmth of the sun to gently brew the tea, instead of heating the water.

covered jar of sun tea brewing on a wooden deckOur sun tea blend, takes advantage of a couple of the herbs we included in our Antioxidant Sprinkle: hibiscus and hawthorn (but this time we’re using the leaf and flower instead of the berry). Now throw in some linden and lemon balm and you’ve got pure relaxation in a glass!

I hope you enjoy!??

  • Hibiscus sabdariffa cools and soothes while uplifting the mood and supporting cardiovascular health and regulating blood pressure.
  • Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.) is an incredible ally for the cardiovascular system. It’s also useful for treating stress, nervousness and general sleep disorders.
  • Melissa officinalis, better known as lemon balm, is a mint family perennial with a delicate lemony flavor that has been used for centuries as a nervine to calm the heart and the body and a healing tonic for the nervous system.
  • Tilia spp., also known as linden or lime flower, has relaxing, calming effects and is an effective anti-stress and anti-anxiety aid. It’s also great for reducing arteriosclerotic hypertension (high blood pressure) and insomnia related to nervous tension.


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glass mug of sun tea being illuminated by the sun