Herbalists are very fortunate to have a variety of herbs perfect for improving digestive health. The main difficulty is figuring out what herb(s) are best for a particular problem. The western energetic model can assist you in pinpointing the problem and steer you toward the right type of herb.

So many people struggle with digestive issues due to tension, constriction and spasm. Some of the symptoms you’d be looking for are:

  • feeling a lump in your throat
  • it’s difficult to take a full, deep breath (you can’t get over the hump)
  • painful bloating made better by belching or flatulence
  • difficulty swallowing
  • intestinal spasms

What are some herbs that can help tremendously?

  • cramp bark (my go-to herb!)
  • chamomile
  • wild yam
  • catnip


  • do deep breathing throughout the day
  • stress management is particularly important for proper digestion

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