When you experience symptoms, it’s a sign that your energy – or vital force – is doing its very best to protect you. When your body begins throwing off the illness, you may experience external symptoms such as:

  • rashes & irritations
  • eruptions, boils, acne & lumps
  • sweating
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea

This is certainly not ideal or comfortable, but it is better than the problem going deeper into the tissues.

It’s at this point, you can assist your vital force by moving WITH the symptoms rather than suppressing them. A few examples you could consider implementing:

  • assist a fever by taking a hot bath or visiting an infrared sauna
  • rest
  • drink more water and herbal tea
  • create a steam room in your bathroom
  • skin brushing
  • liver support with milk thistle, dandelion root

If symptoms persist for an extended period of time or worsen, you need to see your healthcare professional. 

Remember that your diet and lifestyle is the foundation of health. Symptoms are merely a signal that something you’re doing isn’t working, and your body is attempting to fix it. The symptom is never the root of the problem.

This topic was recently covered in our weekly webinars given to our students enrolled in the Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism program.