Are you tired of all the fad diets? Are you done trying to figure out which diet is best to follow? Have you lost weight on one program only to gain it back as soon as you start eating “normal”? Then this guided 20 week program is made for you!

Over the 20 weeks we will work with you to adjust your thinking and habits in regards to your body image and healthy eating. Our entire mission is to equip you with the tools and know-how in order to maintain your ideal weight for the long-haul. Though we have a general plan, we still emphasize personalization. Some people cannot have gluten – we will have healthy alternatives for you to explore, maybe milk is a no-go, we will discuss milk substitutes. Each person is unique but can still follow a basic plan that includes a variety of choices that are health-building and nutritious.

What will each week look like?

Week 1 we will discuss the importance of dietary balance, serving sizes, and identify personal improvements in each food group. (We will schedule an initial phone consult this week)

Week 2 we will assess the health of your current diet and determine your readiness for change (yes, mindset has a lot to do with weight so we will emphasize mindset throughout the program) and discuss the five healthy-eating goals we have in this program.

Week 3 will be focused on setting goals – what is an effective goal, setting effective short-term and long-term goals and rewards, and learning how to self-monitor using daily food logs for the duration of the program.

Week 4 we will spend some time identifying the benefits of healthy eating as well as barriers you may encounter. We will discuss ways to overcome the barriers and ways to increase opportunities for healthy eating

Week 5 is all about tackling your triggers. We’ll define hunger, learn to identify and deal with eating triggers, and understand nutrient density (you can schedule a private consult this week or week 7)

Week 6 delves into the subject of eating out. Is it possible to eat out and maintain a healthy weight? The answer is a resounding YES, as long as you learn the skill of defensive dining and develop strategies for eating on the run. We will also talk about the difference between necessity eating out and special occasion eating out.

Week 7 focuses on our inner voice…you know the one that talks to you and no one else can hear? The voice that can be your greatest cheerleader and ally or your worst enemy. At the end of this week we want you to understand the interaction between your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. You’ll learn how to identify dangerous dialogues, and modify your negative self-talk with positive thoughts. (A private phone consultation will be scheduled this week if no call on week 5)

Week 8 is when we come to some very practical training – healthy shopping strategies. How to overcome obstacles to shopping for healthy foods, identifying the best options in each supermarket department (you don’t have to delete certain food groups from your plan unless you have an allergy/sensitivity), and reading food labels like a pro

Week 9 is phone a friend week. This session we will discuss the importance of social support and how to go about enlisting sources of support as well as recognizing saboteurs – those individuals who are not supportive or helpful.

Week 10 is review week: evaluating your progress to date, setting new goals, and we’ll discuss more about the benefits of whole food (this week we will schedule individual consultations)

Week 11 setbacks and lapses are not failures unless you decide to give them that power. This session’s focus will be on how to prevent lapses/relapses, and how to cope with them if they occur.

Week 12 let’s get cooking! Understanding the role of cooking in healthy eating is important for lifelong maintenance, we will talk about modifying recipes (something anyone can learn to do) and finding ways to make healthy eating simpler

Week 13 deciphering and evaluating dietary supplement claims, fad diets and nutritional information

Week 14 we’ve got to move it, move it! You guessed it – we’re going to talk about exercise – the benefits, dispelling the myths, what exercise is best, and making personalized plans to move more.

Week 15 understanding Body Mass Index (BMI) and what it means for your health, exploring energy balance and weight management and reassessing your goals

Week 16 we will take a moment to explore stress which has a huge impact on your health and your ability to manage your weight, we will also identify personal values, come up with a plan to determine priorities and ways to focus on those by implementing time management strategies. (this is a great week for a personal phone consultation)

Week 17 staying motivated over the long run is the ultimate goal of this program. You’ve been focused for over 4 months now and we’re coming to the end of our program. We need to set up strategies to stay motivated so we will discuss celebrating successes, explore new possibilities, and figure out ways to beat boredom

Week 18 Understanding our toxic food environment, learning about vegetarianism and other alternative eating patterns, keeping food safe to eat

Week 19 let’s take a moment to discuss what helped you change and make plans in advance of any trouble or challenge’s that may come in the future. What will you do to stay on track? (A personal phone consult will be scheduled for this day)

Week 20 Wow!! You did it! Now is the time you get to celebrate your success, we can assess the health of your current diet, lifestyle and exercise programs, set new goals and rewards.

During this 20 week journey, we are with you each step of the way.

Every week you will receive

  • an email with a link to the current week’s lesson
  • an assignment to complete
  • forms & PDFs to download
  • personalized feedback on previous week’s assignments and your food journal

Also included are:

  • four scheduled-30 minute private consulting calls with Monica (These are scheduled for certain weeks) weeks 1, 5 or 7, 10, and 19
  • one 30 minute private consult to be scheduled upon request (during the challenge only)
  • monthly live webinar

Let’s work together to make 2019 your year to shine!!

Start dates in 2019 (please register before the starting date to be included in that group):

January 1, March 1, May 1, July 1

$599 $399 until January 15, 2019

Pay in full or make 2 monthly payments

Weight Loss Challenge

By making payment you are aware there is no refund for any reason and enrollment in this program is not a guarantee of weight loss. You also understand you are fully responsible for your health and contacting your qualified health provider for clearance before starting this program.