Holistic health does not mean that you never seek medical attention from a conventional doctor, urgent care or the emergency room.

Many issues can be alleviated through focus on diet, lifestyle and the incorporation of herbs and supplements; however, in certain cases, you don’t want to delay seeking medical attention. Here are some warning signs you should be aware of:

  • backache, or fever with urinary infection
  • bleeding, heavy or unexplained
  • breathing, rapid shallow or difficult
  • burns, severe or larger than your hand
  • chest pain, severe
  • confusion, following trauma or over-exposure to sun
  • consciousness, lost or impaired
  • convulsions or seizures
  • delirium
  • dehydration, especially in babies, small children and elderly
  • drowsiness, unexplained or unexpected
  • headache, severe
  • fever, above 103.5F / 40C or persistent or with stiff neck
  • fluid, watery / bloody, from ears or nose following head injury
  • movement, full range, lost or impaired
  • puncture wounds near vital organs
  • speech, lost or impaired
  • stool, pale or white
  • streaks, red running towards body
  • swelling, rapid or severe (especially of mouth or throat)
  • thirstlessness, prolonged with fever or diarrhea or vomiting
  • urine, profuse or scanty or bloody
  • vision, lost or impaired
  • vomiting, unexpected and repeated
  • wheezing, severe
  • yellowness, of skin or eyes

I would also add that if you have a prolonged illness that just isn’t improving or has gotten worse, it’s better to be on the safe side and seek medical help. Conventional medicine is amazing at emergent care and can make a huge difference when things just aren’t going the right way.

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