You had to know this was going to be the first plant we talked about. Why do we love dandelion? Let me count the ways:

  1. easy to identify
  2. highly nutritious
  3. entire plant is edible and/or medicinal: buds, flowers, leaves, root & latex
  4. grows almost everywhere

For many years, I’ve seen dandelion practically calling to us humans, happily dancing, its bright yellow head trying to get our attention. No matter how much effort we put into eradicating this “nuisance,” it simply reappears the next year.

It seems to be saying

HEY! You need me, I know you don’t know it yet. But I’ll wait, I’m not going anywhere. ❤️

Identification is easy, but there is one lookalike – cat’s ear. You can get the description and learn the difference between the two here.

bright green field of yellow dandelions in full bloom


And here are a few recipes for you to check out:

That should get you off to a great start with dandelion. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful herbal ally, as well as other common plants, sign up for our Herb-a-Month course!

field of yellow dandelions in full bloom under a blue, cloudy sky