Learning Opportunities

Here at Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals, we are ALL about spreading the good word about herbs and how to use them in ways that enhance health and improve quality of life. Monica’s workshops and talks are geared toward individuals who are looking for more casual education on a by-subject basis, while the online school is a greater time commitment for the more serious-minded herbalist.

Holistic Herbal Program

Our Professional Student Holistic Herbalist Program is divided into 16 sessions with each session focused on one body system and herbal therapeutics. The course covers cultivating herbs using permaculture methods, as well as wildcrafting and botany for the herbalist, taught by our very own permaculture design consultant, Sean Mitzel. You’ll learn 30 herbal preparations and 50 herbal monographs. We teach the Western Energetic model as well as herbal actions so you can read and understand herbal texts with ease. Full Details & Curriculum

Workshop Info

A typical 3-hour workshop is focused on wildcrafting a particular plant (sometimes harvesting one of the herbs in my medicine garden) and learning its uses, preparations and dosages. Students finish by learning to make an herbal remedy using the plant collected. 2020 Workshop Schedule

Speaking for Your Group

We are happy to speak to your group on a variety of subjects, including, but not limited to:

  • Herbs for Kids
  • Healthy Gut & Herbal Bitters
  • Weedy Herbal Allies
  • Sharpening Your Mind with Botanicals
  • Cultivating Medicinal Herbs

Descriptions & Pricing