Achillea – representing a couple of different folklore stories that have been passed down:

  1. Achilles used it to treat his soldiers in the battlefield
  2. Achilles mother dipped him in protective water – a yarrow infusion – but she held his heel meaning that his entire body was safe from harm, except his heel.

Mille = thousand

Folium = leaves (foliage)

Yarrow is a well-known blood equalizer, whether you need to move stagnant blood or slow bleeding.

The taste is quite bitter, but adding a few fresh leaves in the spring taste very similar to parsley in pasta, egg dishes and salad dressings.

Flowers and leaves are both valuable medicinally and can be used interchangeably; however, the flowers contain a little more volatile oils.

Drink hot (you can add elderflower and chamomile) to help release a fever.

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